To make whiteboard business more simple, to be best whiteboard factory.

Whiteboard factory Overview

Having a solid supply chain is important in today’s volatile world economy.Deeboards whiteboard factory can provide you with the peace of mind you need when it comes to providing quality products at great prices – today, tomorrow, and in the future.Being the best means you never rest.

Located in the port city of Ningbo, Deeboards whiteboard factory provides mounting solution products for the office, home and stationery.Deeboards whiteboard factory has become China’s lead exporting factory of whiteboard products, and we know we didn’t do it all by ourselves.

Deeboards whiteboard factory is one of the few manufacturers of whiteboard solutions that does not sell against or compete with our customers. Our focus is on providing the OEM/ODM market with the most innovative mounting solutions with the best quality at the lowest prices. You have our loyalty and our attention alone.

Our customers have placed their trust in us to provide them with quality, competitively priced, innovative mounting products and accessories. The trust placed in us by our customers encourages our staff of designers and engineers to innovate, seek new technologies and solutions, identify improvements for the mounting needs of now and in the future.

More than 20 years CORPORATION can provide you with the confidence and trust necessary for confident long term business and stability. You can count on our financial strength, modern factories, engineering and staff of professional resources to assist you and your business.

Our marketing, product development and customer service teams are here to provide you with the most exceptional buying experience and ease of doing business. We love to hear from our customers, so if you have a comment or suggestion, please Contact us TODAY

founded in 2011,specialty in height adjust desk,sit stand desk converter,height adjust desk accessories.CPU holder,Key tray. welcome

Deeboards Promise

  • Choosing a supplier these days is a difficult undertaking – and it becomes an even more complicated decision when Chinese companies circumvent their buyers to sell directly to the consumer (B2C).
  • Deeboards  whiteboard factory remains one of the few Chinese companies that does not compete directly with their customers (B2B).
  • While other suppliers fund their B2C efforts with B2B customer dollars ,Deeboards whiteboard factory re-invests &improves itself in order to become a better supplier.
  •  You won’t find Deeboards selling on Amazon, or anywhere else our customers are – and if you hear otherwise, it just isn’t so.
  • Deeboards as a whiteboard factory does not – and will not – compete with our customers in the B2C market. We are a business partner to those we serve. We offer the most professional marketing materials and the largest product selection anywhere. Providing our customers with the support they need to be leaders in the markets they serve.
  • Contact Deeboards sales team to find out how our “Easy Buy – Easy Sell” philosophy can help you start selling and making more TODAY.

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Quality Control

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