You get what you pay for,How to choose a reliable lap board (9×12 inch dry erase board)

This is Alex ,worked for Ningbo Jasde technology company which had been in whiteboard plant more over 12 years .Today, the purpose of writing this article is to let people know what is the difference of “lap board” in same size and same thickness,even same design.

When we need to buy a LAB BOARD online,such as Ebay ,Amazon ,Alibaba,There will be many different sellers selling lap boards. And the best-selling should be this 9 inch * 12inch double side lap boards.

But you will find that these sellers have different prices,some price is much lower than others.Especially a well-known USA brand, they only sell 9×12 inch lap board in 0.99 / pcs. so why ?

I had wrote in the title “you get what you pay for”.This “L” brand seller is not doing good deeds, nor is it because their purchasing cost is very low .The secret is that their whiteboard materials are different

Most of the 9×12 lap board are made of MDF core,but the $0.99 one is totally made of paper .In the whiteboard industry, MDF and cardboard are two common material.MDF’s price is much higher than cardboard,and also perform better on hardness.

In addition to difference of coreboard, sometimes,the wiping surface will also be different.following is a video you could easliy to see.