This article is part of a series of Deeboards whiteboard manufactuer dedicated to providing you with the information and resources you need for your COVID-19 office. It is essential that our offices across the country must act quickly to protect their workers and prevent the spread of disease. The decisions we make directly affect the health of the people around us. Although this will be a challenge, changing our behavior can save the lives of our friends, neighbors and colleagues.


As many companies take drastic measures to curb the spread of COVID-19,  their workers turn into working home. Working home is new thing to many people, and changes in the environment can cause many disturbances. In this article, we will introduce tips for working home, including how to work from home with sit stand desk

How to work from home during COVID-19 with sit stand desk 2 how to work from home with sit stand desk



Let children know it is different with weekend.

Children are also adapting to lifestyle changes. There are many unused things around them. Usually, when parent  at home, this means they are not  have time to play and do some fun activities, just as you would expect on a weekend or holiday.However,children should be is not the same as a weekend or holiday, it is a sacrifice of adult that in order to avoid infection.


Let children know that may take a long time.

Making sure your child understands why you at home means that things at home need to change for at least some time. Discuss the benefits with them. There are many benefits to working from home. You’ll be closer, you don’t have to leave early to work, and you can help ensure family and community safety through social alienation.


Closed the door,make own workplace

You need to have your own work space, especially if you are bringing your child home. If you don’t already have a home office, create an area in your home that you can temporarily use as an office. Ideally, the space will have a solid internet connection and close a door. Make sure your child knows this is your private office space and that it means closing the door.

How to work from home during COVID-19 with sit stand desk 3 how to work from home with sit stand desk

Set a plan

If you don’t set specific plan, the time you work at home will be considered the same as when you are at home, which will make it difficult for you to get your work done. When is interruption allowed? When are they not? What constitutes an emergency? Set boundaries in your home around workspaces, work hours and unavailable times.

You need a sit stand desk.

why sit stand desk is important?Children over 5 years old can communicate,they know what they can do,what they cannot.But baby does n’t make sense.If we put our notebooks on the table, they might climb up, because of curiosity  then destroy your work.

if you have a sit stand desk,you could adjust the desk height to 110CM,Children under 5 years old are powerless at this height (Except for NBA players).

how to work from home with sit stand desk

How to work from home during COVID-19 with sit stand desk 4 how to work from home with sit stand desk


Why Social Distancing is So Important

Social distancing refers to an effort by individuals to reduce close contact with other people to limit the spread of disease.

It’s a behavior adjustment that can lower your risk of transmitting or being infected by any disease, particularly COVID-19, which is transmitted mainly from person-to-person. The virus is spread between people who are in close contact, within about 6 feet, through respiratory droplets that are produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. These droplets can land on other people, or live on surfaces for up to 3 days.



For more information about medical treatment and the current spread of COVID-19, visit The World Health Organization or The Centers for Disease Control.

It can take up to two weeks before a person infected with COVID-19 notices their symptoms, which means avoiding contact with people is key to mitigating the spread of the virus. Avoiding people who appear sick is not enough to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, which is why many businesses are moving their workforce to remote home offices.

Working from home is new to many, and it presents a number of challenges for people who are used to an office work environment.




From all of us at Deeboards, we hope that you take care of yourselves and those around you now and in the weeks to come. Remember that we are in this together as a global community. If your neighbor (or coworker) gets sick, there’s more of a chance you will get sick. Simple, yet critical precautions, such as social distancing, washing your hands thoroughly, not panic buying, and staying home if you feel sick will help ensure you and those around you remain healthy.